If Your Business is Moving You Should have A Commercial Moving Strategy

Commercial Moving Strategy

Moving to a new home is already stressful enough, and you have to worry about the physical problems of changing homes and the emotional stress of dealing with the change.  The only thing that makes it worse is the idea of moving your entire business. Aside from regular moving problems, you have more to love and a ticking clock.  When you move businesses, all operations have to halt until the job is done. That means you won’t be making any money until everything is set up. As you can imagine, a situation can be stressful for anyone, so people try to limit the problems as much as possible. One way people do this is by implementing commercial moving strategies. With any luck, these can quicken the process for you and make the setup less stressful.

What is Commercial Moving?

When you think of moving, the first image that comes to mind is a moving truck waiting to take you to a new house. That is residential moving and is the most common form. However, it is far from the only method of moving.  With commercial moving, the focus is on moving your business rather than your home. Here you will be packing your office supplies, equipment, and other essential items, and you will also be taking them to warehouses, factories, and offices instead.  In some ways, this is even more stressful than residential moving. This time you are not just moving your things but your entire business to a new location. That means you have to transport machines, office supplies, and your stocks, and these are more numerous, larger, and more complex to transport. Not only is there a lot more to move, but losing something has more lasting consequences. Losing some supplies can paralyze your entire business and prevent you from completing orders. That is why many people care about planning a commercial moving strategy to avoid any potential problems.

What is A Commercial Moving Strategy 

When you have a task as big as moving, the last thing you want is delays or problems springing up while the move is going on. With business, every second counts as remaining idle mean more minor time operations are running.  It is like switching between houses but on a much larger scale. Depending on the size and type of your business, you will require more supplies, different people, and more extensive and complex equipment. That is why addressing these is going to need a plan. A strategy for moving your business is to lay out how you want to move everything, and this includes dividing up responsibility, listing what you plan on taking, and laying out how you want it done.  Aside from planning what to do, you should also be ready to plan for when things go wrong. Many problems can spring in the middle of the process, and you need to be able to respond to them immediately. Doodling around and figuring out a solution can put you further behind schedule.  With so much stress already from moving, having a way to make the process go by easier is a necessity.

Why Should You Have A Commercial Moving Strategy 

Better Organization

With moves like this, the big worry people have is if it moves too slow or something can get lost, or it’s a hassle to pack and unpack everything. Couple that with issues of how to disassemble machines or what conditions you should transport the stocks in, and you have a recipe for disaster.  But there is a standard solution to all those problems, better organization. Having so much stuff to transport requires proper planning. The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly is by organizing and planning things from the start during a commercial move.  Listing down everything gives you a chance to figure out how to transport it and know which boxes to place them in. Next, you can plan how to unpack your things and schedule areas to set up first. Lastly, you can split the boxes based on where they go to avoid confusion. Small things like this can pile up and make a massive difference in the setup time.

Organize What You Want to Keep

During a move like this, one big thing that people worry about is making sure they manage to bring everything they want. That is why having a commercial moving strategy is essential. You can forget a lot and a lot that you might not like.  Not only is getting everything critical but so is making sure all the departments have what they need. If you are talking about a house, the issue should not be so bad, after all, everything they transport is just for you. With a business, though, all these products serve different groups and departments: machines, spare parts, stocks, and other supplies. Many of these departments need most of this equipment to function. If there is a delay in getting what they need, like computers, they might not be able to operate at all. Conversely, while many things are essential to bringing, others are less so and can cause issues. Like residential moving, commercial moving gives you a chance to get rid of things you won’t need. You might find obsolete or useless items in your new office as you prepare, and that is your chance to get rid of them and save some room. Any unnecessary thing you bring is space you could otherwise use for something else. If you don’t need things like that, then this is a chance to get rid of them and make some upgrades to your system.

Faster Setup

Even if you manage to bring everything to the new location, that doesn’t mean everything is ready to go. You now need to set everything up. Aside from unpacking your supplies, you have to set up machines, assemble your infrastructure, and distribute supplies.  With an effective commercial moving strategy, you can make this process faster. While many of these things are only possible when you bring everything, you can do others before moving. One thing that many businesses do is work with their IT department to set up the wifi and telephone lines. Unlike other processes, these don’t require all the office supplies to be there but still take quite a bit of time.  You can send the team ahead and have them begin to organize everything, and it can get the ball rolling and makes the process more efficient. Doing this means that there is already internet in your office by the time the moving trucks arrive. Once everything is set up, you can get to work right away. 

Better Coordination

Another big difference between residential and commercial moving is the need for coordination. When you’re moving houses, the only people you need to keep in touch with are your family and the movers.  When transporting an entire business, though, you need to have coordination between multiple parties. You have different departments and employees to keep in touch with even within your company. Outside of them, you have the movers, partners, and sellers. Each of these may have its tasks and responsibilities that are connected somehow. They can be in charge of transporting things from their department, setting up the new location, or fulfilling orders. That means you have to make sure all of them can keep up with the schedule.  Commercial moving requires more coordination between each party to ensure they can get their job done.  So a commercial moving strategy requires that you plan out a schedule for them to follow and clear responsibilities. To make sure that things go according to plan, you should have them regularly update each other on new developments.

Prepare for Additional Supplies

When it comes to moving, the material you already have might not be enough, and you will almost certainly need to get additional supplies to get things done. The most common examples are boxes to transport everything. Aside from that, there are packing peanuts, trucks, and provisions. These are the first but most important things you have because they ensure a safe trip for everything you bring. Before starting to pack, you should already prepare for these things. During a commercial move, you should already be scheduling the delivery of these things to have a ready supply of them. At the very least, if it isn’t enough, you can get started without being able to do anything.


Commercial moving is no picnic, and it can take a village working together to finish all the tasks. However, that village can only work if they know what to do. You need to have a clear strategy for commercial moving.  You need to prepare for everything from even before the to once you finish packing to remain on schedule. If everything goes well with your strategy, you were able to plan everything perfectly. If not, well, at least you know where you are, and you should have an idea of what to do to fix it.  Please think of this as the first test of your business in its new location. The faster you get things done, the quicker you can start up your company and move forward.   What are the Best Moving Tips for Santa Barbara Movers 6 Moving Day Tips you Definitely Need To Know


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