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Moving into your Santa Barbara dream home can be one of the most exciting moments of your life. But it can become stressful if you don’t know what to do. Especially if you haven’t moved much before, knowing where to start can be very overwhelming. 

There is a lot to consider when you’re moving into a new home. And while we all understand that we need to consider the most obvious of steps like packing and unpacking, there is much more to think about.

Getting associated with your new house, learning how it functions, and prioritizing what projects you want to tackle is very important when moving into a new house. It’s better to do certain items when you move in, instead of waiting and just hoping you’ll figure it all out later on.

Of course, you’ve got a lot going on already. So to help you set your do list straight, we’ve put together this quick list of the 8 most important things that you need to do when moving into a new home.

Most of the items you should do before moving into your new home won’t take much time, but will help provide peace of mind.  Elite Movers Santa Barbara wants to provide a list so you can create a game plan. 


You can generally schedule most of your utilities before you move into your new home. Standard utilities include water, electricity, gas, and cable/internet service and should be taken care of right away. Moving companies Santa Barbara recommend taking care of all these items before your move.


Even if you negotiated for your new house to be fumigated you need to do a thorough exam of the entire property. Keep roaches, mice, and rats out of your home. Check the closets for signs of rat droppings and rat holes and seal any holes that you find. 

There are also do-it-yourself pest control methods, like mouse traps. You can also use baits and insect foggers to kill smaller critters. If you see anything that looks like it could come from rodents or you did not get your house fumigated before you move in we recommend contacting a local pest control company.


You never know who has a key to your home. A real estate agent, construction worker, former tenant, or some other stranger could have a duplicate key. And if the lock is mass-produced, then it’s almost certain someone has the same key. A mass-produced lock has several different keys with limited numbers. That means several people have an identical key for the same lock.

The most simple option is to purchase a new regular lock or rekey the current lock. A locksmith can perform this process, which makes the old key unusable. 

Another option, which is also more expensive, is to install a keyless lock. A keyless entry system relies on an electronic keypad to open the door. Once you program the system with your unique combination, you can open the door by entering the correct numbers or by using a phone app.


The last thing you probably want to do after going through the moving process is clean your new home from top to bottom, but before moving in is the best time to do it. The good part about doing at least some cleaning yourself is that you might find areas that need repair.  

We understand hiring a professional cleaning company is a great idea as well.  Make sure to ask the professional cleaning company to point out any areas that need repair right away or anything you might want to add to a long-term maintenance schedule.


The circuit breaker and water shut-off valve are two things you don’t want to look for in an emergency.  It’s always better to identify their locations immediately so that if your power goes out or you need to turn off the water for some reason, you’ll be able to take care of the problem quickly. 

Generally, the circuit breaker will be found in the garage or on an outside wall of your house.  You can usually find your home’s water shut-off valve somewhere around your house’s front perimeter.

If you are installing new appliances or need to add any electrical outlets, you will need to know the location of the circuit breaker.


You’ll save a lot of time and headaches when moving into a new house if you make a plan to set everything up instead of trying to figure it all out when you move in. Room planning software can help, or maybe even take the time to write it out on paper.

You will want to know what rooms all the large and heavy items like furniture need to go to and where they need to be placed. While you have a basic idea of what goes in, you might want to take some time to picture the exact layout. Once you have items in a room, they might look different than you think, and that’s ok, but having an idea will make moving day much more manageable.

7. Prioritize Repairs

Unless you’re moving into a brand-new house, you will probably need to make some repairs. You’ll probably already know what changes or fixes you need to make based on the home inspection.

There might be a few items that need to be addressed immediately, but there is probably a long list of repairs that you will address over the years.  If you have a list of everything that needs to be done, you can prioritize based on cost or importance.

8. Meet The Neighbors

Meeting your Santa Barbara neighbors is easier and less awkward to do right when you move in. The longer you wait to say hello and introduce yourself, the harder it will be. 

It is crucial to meet your neighbors because you don’t want them to have a wrong first impression of you, but also because you can learn so much from people who have lived in the neighborhood longer than you.

You don’t need to go door to door, but make a point of introducing yourself the first time you encounter a new neighbor. A little friendliness will go a long way.


We hope our moving into a new house checklist will get you off to a good start. You’ll still have a lot of work, but these 8 steps are an excellent place to begin. You can also look at our moving day tips article to help with your move.

Moving into a new house is always a bit overwhelming, but following our checklist can help make the transition a bit more seamless. It’s a lot to do, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from Elite Movers Santa Barbara. The sooner you can take care of the important stuff, the sooner your new house will start to feel like home.


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