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What are the Best Moving Tips for Santa Barbara Movers

Santa Barbara Movers

Moving can be a complicated process, and it represents a considerable change with emotional exhaustion and physical strain. While most moving companies can’t directly help you with the former, they can ensure the latter goes smoothly. Trustworthy Santa Barbara movers such as Elite Movers will work quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to deal with the process for too long.

They also accomplish that by giving some moving tips to help you. They will show you the best ways to move that won’t damage your things but keep you on schedule. With so much to do, the process might help you mentally by giving you something to focus on and keeping your hands busy.

Tips By Santa Barbara Movers

Organize and Store Important Documents Separately

Aside from regular appliances and furniture, an essential item, you’ll be taking documents. Moving elsewhere requires a lot of paperwork, from the deed of your new house to health documents and forms for school. All of these will be necessary to help you get settled in your new home, and thus you should be careful with them.

First, getting these documents can be tricky during the moving process because of how long the process can take. The last thing you need is a checkup or school meeting to get in the way of the move. Santa Barbara Movers recommends getting these documents as early as possible so you won’t worry about them while boxing up your things.

Once you do have the documents, be sure to organize them. Set aside the papers according to who will need them and their purpose. After that, keep them somewhere safe but accessible. You will need them once you finish moving, so you should always have them ready. Keep those you need for the Santa Barbara Movers ready first and foremost.

Avoid Moving Frozen Foods

Food will be one of the first things you worry about when you reach your new home. Many people usually get the idea of packing frozen foods and eating them there. However, while this might seem a bright idea at the time, Santa Barbara Movers like Elite Movers strongly discourage this because of the potential health risks.

Depending on how long you will be traveling, the frozen foods you have might start to melt while traveling, even in a cooler. Once that happens, they are in a soggy, raw, and hot environment. That makes it perfect for harmful bacteria to grow in your food, and you can get quite sick if you eat them.

Some Santa Barbara Movers might not accept them in the moving van and recommend giving them away or throwing them out. Instead, a better idea would be to get takeout once you get to your new home to avoid cooking.

Schedule Your Moving According to Weather

There are many scheduling issues you must consider when packing and getting your things ready. One that usually doesn’t cross people’s minds but should be a careful consideration is the weather. Many Santa Barbara Movers will offer some suggestions regarding the best time to move based on the weather, not just for them but also for you.

While Santa Barbara is always hot, some days are worse than others, and Elite Movers suggests avoiding moving activities. At the very least, they recommend focusing on lighter, indoor things during that time. If you have items outside you, want to move, or have heavier furniture, you should save them for cooler weather.

Not doing that makes the already strenuous activity even more exhausting and puts you at a higher risk of developing a heat stroke.

Reuse Original Boxes

You should check to ensure you still have the original boxes for some of your stuff when moving. While some people prefer to get rid of them when they have the chance, they can come in handy here for several reasons.

Since it is the original packaging, your items are guaranteed to fit there without a problem. If the original cardboard or styrofoam is still there, it can prevent your stuff from rattling around. If not, you can fit other items and accessories and have them all in one place.

Second, most packaging tends to be labeled, making it relatively easy to identify. When checking all your things before and after the move, these should be some of the easiest to find.

Lastly, it can save you time and money since you don’t have to worry about getting additional boxes and making sure they fit.

You should save this practice for more extensive and unique items such as appliances and electronics. Things such as plates are fine being mixed as long as you keep them safe.

Get Rid of Items You Don’t Want

Now is the best time to consider which items you don’t want to let the Santa Barbara Movers pack up. You can spend time packing, looking through things, and thinking if you want them. There are plenty of reasons to get rid of things, and if some suffer from wear and tear, that no longer justifies fixing them. Others are things you might not need anymore.

If that’s the case, then why not get rid of them? You don’t necessarily need to throw them away, as there are other ways to get rid of them. A garage sale is a popular choice, and you can earn a bit of cash on top of the money you will save for not having the Santa Barbara movers take them. Aside from that, you can donate it to charity, so the less fortunate have a chance to use it.

Record and Take Photos of Your Items

The most common fear of anyone moving is their items get lost or damaged during the trip. No matter how skilled the Santa Barbara movers are, this is a real possibility, and you should prepare for it. The best way to do that is to record all the items and keep track of them.

When you first fill up a box, list everything inside and snap a picture of them to determine its contents. While this seems like a long process, it will save you a lot of time toward the end.

The picture isn’t just to confirm the contents, it’s also to show the conditions of the item in case you get damaged. If an item does get damaged during transit, you are entitled to compensation for it, and the only way you can do that is by proving that the damages happened during transit.

Santa Barbara Movers Suggest Keeping Large Items in Small Boxes

The best way to place more oversized items in small boxes is when packing. Usually, these boxes should only be big enough to store the item and a few other small things. Many Santa Barbara movers follow this process and place as many items as placing too many things in large boxes, which can cause problems.

For one, doing it like that leaves boxes more prone to breaking. Even the most oversized boxes can only handle so much weight before breaking, and placing too many things is easiest. Best to distribute them around in smaller containers.

Another advantage is that it is less tiring overall. Carrying huge boxes full of appliances is tiring. Some Santa Barbara Movers can still take multiple of them, and they will have an easier time at it.

Turn Your Electronics Into A Tracker

You’ll likely get to your new home before most of your stuff. You’ll probably get to your new home before most of your property. It can be weeks before your stuff arrives. Even the best Santa Barbara Movers will take a few days to catch you.

Many people find this a rather stressful wait period, and for a good reason. Unfortunately, not all moving companies can track your things throughout the process, but there is a life hack that some people are trying.

One method that Santa Barbara movers observe that people try is placing a fully charged phone or tablet into the moving truck and activating the Find My Phone function. Doing this allows them to keep track of their things and see where the moving truck is. At the very least, it gives people peace of mind knowing where their stuff is.

Use Pillows and Blankets as Cushions

When moving to Santa Barbara, one of the things you will need in abundance is bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or anything that can cushion your things. However, some Santa Barbra Movers say that one alternative to buying these things is to use your pillows and blankets. All you have to do is place them around fragile items and cover them tightly to protect them from the hazards of moving. While you probably can’t do this for all your things, it can help save some money on packing supplies and give you a place to store both of these things.

Final Thoughts

Moving is an exciting time but can be very stressful, especially on moving day. The more you plan, the less stressful your move will be. Santa Barbara Elite Movers can help with packing if you need it, but make sure to plan. Before moving into a new house, make sure you take a look at the moving into a new house checklist.
We look forward to helping with all your needs.

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