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15 Tips for Choosing the Best Santa Barbara Moving Company for You

15 Tips for Choosing the Best Santa Barbara Moving Company for You

When you’re getting ready to relocate, there are many crucial considerations that you need to make, from hiring a moving company, acquiring supplies, and planning the logistics.

The entire moving procedure can be made much simpler by hiring movers. Moving is back-breaking labor, and while it does increase the cost, there is much to be claimed for the relaxation that comes from delegating the duty. Professional movers will relieve you of the hard lifting, free up your time for other crucial moving day tasks, and make the day run more smoothly.

Here are several tips you should always consider when choosing a moving company.

Get A Thorough Walk-Through

A quick walk-through estimate must take note of the items you intend to transport to be accurate. A good estimator will inquire about what you intend to bring to your new home. To avoid having items you intend to give away, donate, sell at a yard sale, or leave behind for the new owners loaded onto the truck, be ready to notify the estimator about them.

Ask for Recommendations

Google might not be the best place to begin your search for a moving company, but your friends and family certainly are. Reach out to those you know who have used local moving companies to learn more about their experiences and to find out their suggestions. Someone you know may have had a negative experience with a business that otherwise received excellent reviews or was slammed with unforeseen costs that aren’t disclosed anywhere on the firm’s website.

Ensure They’re Licensed

Never engage an unlicensed or uninsured moving firm. Any group of people can purchase a vehicle and claim to be a moving company. However, only legitimately authorized and covered by insurance are required by law to protect your property.

Movers must register with the U.S. Department of Transportation to move interstate and be given a unique USDOT number. Using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s database, you can check if a business has a current DOT number and insurance. State laws governing intrastate movers vary from one state to the next, though most also have licensing laws. Find out about your state’s requirements for an intrastate license, then confirm that your moving company complies with them.

Avoid Movers with A Name Switch

Some businesses operate under several names to avoid being evaluated by the Better Business Bureau. Ensure the business can provide you with its local address, license information, and insurance details. When picking up the phone, their representatives should use the company’s complete name and state and federal licensing numbers to determine if the business is using other names. Check online for any complaints against the company.

Avoid Packing Costs

Moving and storage firms are typically not accountable for any damage if you pack everything yourself. It applies to both local and international relocation companies. However, if you hire them to pack, they might overcharge you for the supplies and the additional effort and time required for packing. Inquire about their experience packing if you decide to use this service. You want to be sure that the most reliable movers will take good care of your belongings.

Communicate Your Needs and Expectations

If you need to remove your stuff from your previous house by a specific date, ask the moving company to confirm their arrival time in writing. Ensure they are aware of your expectations as well as any due dates. Having this information in writing will ensure that your expectations are clear and that you’re not dealing with any confusion or unexpected events. It might also yield some insight into the company’s professional service.

If you’re considering hiring more than one moving company to handle on hand for large items, speak with each mover about their expected arrival times so that they can coordinate their schedules on-site.

Start the Process Early

Take time to think about each business you are evaluating. Being under time pressure may lead you to hire a company that isn’t the best fit. Give yourself enough time to investigate businesses and examine quotes. Otherwise, the moving company you hire could suffer from reliability issues you might only discover after completing the sale.

Find A Good Fit for Your Individual Needs

Every move is unique. Ensure the moving company you select can handle your belongings, whether moving to a four-bedroom house or a studio apartment. To choose the correct fit, consider your unique demands and ask the right questions. The moving service should have a moving vehicle big enough to accommodate all your boxes and furniture while also adhering to any physical restrictions on your property.

The moving company should guarantee pickup and delivery dates and times that work for you and remain available during a period that satisfies your needs. Also, it should be capable of providing extra packing materials as required, such as bubble wrap, moving blankets, and clothing boxes.

Never Sign a Blank Contract

When moving, signed paperwork is essential but also has to be complete so that no details are missing. The document should include the estimate, any applicable additional fees, and the pickup and delivery dates. Ensure these are the conditions you agreed to by reading through them.

Confirm that your inventory matches that of the items. You can only account for something if it’s recorded on the inventory before departure. Additionally, anything that isn’t on that list cannot be claimed.

Compare Estimates

Get a minimum of three in-home estimates. Avoid taking rough estimates over the phone. It can result in inaccurate weight estimates. Instead, request that they visit your home to check your possessions. The movers must explain how their services and prices compare to other companies in your area; some firms might try to take advantage of their customers with deceptive pricing strategies. Once you’ve compared prices, choose the business that best meets your demands.

Hire Locally

When you work with a nearby company, you can visit the location and look at the facilities. You can confirm that the moving company is reliable. Getting in touch with them is simpler if you have any worries or inquiries. Only hire a local moving company if they have a physical address.

Watch Out for Scam Movers

Moving business fraud is not unheard of, even if it only happens to a small percentage of the millions of people who move each year. Check for an active license, research a moving company’s service history, and ensure they have a physical address to confirm they are a real business.

In the competitive moving market, many options are always available, no matter where you live. If a company raises any red flags, research, ask, be bold and look elsewhere. You generally want a business with a track record of excellence in service quality, dependability, and safety. Even though you’re only using the service for a single day, a lot can go wrong. You’ll spend less time dealing with potential losses if you put more effort into selecting the ideal moving company.

Transparent rates

When you call a mover to make a reservation, they will quote you a price based on the approximate number of hours and movers you require. However, this is only base pricing and doesn’t account for any additional supplies you might need for packing, potential surcharges for moving bulky or heavy items, or other incidental add-ons.

Moving firms can’t offer you a specific estimate over the phone, but they can give you a ballpark figure. Be careful to enquire about what constitutes an additional fee. If the business refuses to provide the details, move on to someone else.

Verify Credentials, Insurance, and Safety Records

Confirm that the moving company you choose is insured. The last thing you want is to find yourself suddenly held responsible for one of their employees falling down your steps. Check the quantities of coverage they carry and request to view their certificate. The moving company should have appropriate licenses to be responsible for your possessions.

To ensure a business is credible, contact your local Better Business Bureau and see if there are any unresolved customer complaints against them. If a mover doesn’t have an existing physical address or phone number, skip it and move on.

Refrain From Paying Huge Deposit Fees

Many moving companies may request a large fee upfront before you start the job, and some even require a deposit for materials. Pay for deposits at most 20% of the total move. If a company requests hefty deposit fees, only agree once you’ve researched their records to see if they have any prior fraudulent complaints filed against them. Additionally, avoiding paying a mover that demands personal information from you after work begins is advisable.

Final Word

Hiring a moving company is essential to ensure you get the most out of the service. After choosing a business, verify its license status, insurance records, and operating history. It’s also a good idea to ensure they are present on any social network where you can follow them for updates about their recent projects.

Elite Movers are your best choice for your home or office relocation. We have provided our customers with quality services since 2010; Check our customer reviews for more insights. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. At Elite Moving & Storage, we are fully committed to providing exceptional and affordable moving services. For professional and reliable moving services, contact us today.

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