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Choosing the Best Long-Distance Moving Company

Choosing the Best Long-Distance Moving Company

Everyone may need long-distance moving for various reasons, including family, work, or school. You understand that you wouldn’t employ just anyone off the street to relocate your household across the nation, but how exactly does one choose among the many long-distance moving firms available? Having a reliable checklist of requirements can help you sift out the riff-raff and select a crew who will make your relocation a pleasant experience since they all claim to be the best.

Why Hire a Long-Distance Mover?

Take the time to consider your specific action plan before beginning to prepare for your upcoming move. The distance between the current home you’re leaving and the destination home you’re about to move into is a crucial factor that needs greater examination to make an informed choice.

Theoretically, a long-distance move is one where the travel distance between the two homes exceeds 100 miles. As a result, traveling across the country by 500, 1,000, or 2,000 miles becomes more complex and perilous for everyone. Due to its costs and dangers, long-distance moving is well outside the scope of Do-It-Yourself capabilities. Hiring a long-distance moving company is the safest option when relocating across the country.

How To Choose a Long-Distance Mover

Choosing a long-distance mover is relatively easy, but it takes time to complete the necessary research before hiring a cross-country mover. Here is what you should be looking for when selecting a long-distance moving service.


The most fantastic moving company has an excellent track record of offering top-notch support. Check customer feedback and reviews for insight into the top services if you are still deciding which moving company to pick.

Finding a respectable and trustworthy business that you can rely on to provide the service you deserve is made more accessible by reading previous clients’ experiences with each long-distance mover. Before selecting whether the long-distance mover suits your needs, look for client testimonials and reviews. Also, check if any complaints have been filed with the relevant authorities.

Look for an interstate moving business with a solid reputation among its clients, as satisfied customers tend to leave favorable evaluations. The Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Google will supply customer experience information in addition to the FMCSA website’s safety reviews.

A respectable mover may offer licenses, dependable labor, insurance evidence, and a federal registration number. Reputable long-distance moving companies are also committed to providing top-notch services, assuring prompt arrival, rendered services, and client satisfaction.


Rates from the top long-distance service providers should be within your means. Be aware that the average cost of long-distance moving can vary from $2500 to $6000 or more depending on the stuff you have, how far you’re going, and whether you need specialist services.

Finding a reliable mover who provides affordable prices and versatile payment alternatives such as credit cards, cheques, and PayPal is crucial. A competent moving company is only as good as its rates and available means of payment.

Pay particular attention to additional services and their associated costs while comparing the price estimates provided by top long-distance movers. The necessary ancillary services, such as packing, unpacking, disassembling, and reassembling heavy furniture and temporary storage, should be covered during the in-home surveys with the moving business personnel.

The top cross-country movers will provide flexible payment options without extra charges or fees, competitive pricing alternatives that fit your particular requirements, flat rate quotes rather than hourly rates, and a guarantee on all services for a predetermined time following the move to assure client safety and satisfaction.

Even if you can cut costs by downsizing your possessions or packing your goods, it can be more time and money-effective to hire a full-service, long-distance moving business that can handle everything. By doing this, you may concentrate on other crucial moving-related tasks like transferring utilities, canceling services, and forwarding mail.

Customer Support

Look for a moving company that provides excellent customer service. You might believe you’ll only interact with your mover during the relocation, but that may not be the case.

You will have to rely on your mover’s customer service to address any issues before or after the move if there are disagreements regarding the amount to be paid, difficulties with delayed delivery, or even damaged or missing things.

Inquire with your movers about their policies for settling grievances or claims made against them or their dispute resolution procedure. How do they resolve conflicts with irate clients? The best movers have a reputation for providing excellent customer service and professionally resolving problems or handling complaints.

The Services Suit Your Moving Needs

A reputable business won’t just employ the best long-distance movers; they’ll also have access to the services required to transport your belongings securely. Movers have to be able to offer services that satisfy your particular moving demands if you have huge, bulky objects that require special handling or fragile, priceless items that require extra care.

Additionally, it’s important to look for movers who will help you transport stuff from the vehicle to the new home if you need that assistance. When moving to a building with stairs and you have bulky items that need two or more individuals to lift, find a long-distance mover who also provides storage services, especially when you can’t move to your new home immediately.

Among the services available to meet unique needs are packing delicate items with specialized materials, disassembling and reassembling furniture and large appliances, and certain moving apparatus such as ramps and lifts. Ensure everything will be perfect by checking to see if the long-distance organization you select offers these services.

Compare Quotes

Request at least three moving company quotes. You’ll have enough knowledge from this to make a wise choice. Check the distinction between estimate and quote wording. When a business provides a quote, it signifies the pricing at which it will operate. When a company offers an estimate, it approximates the job’s cost, which is subject to change.

Ensure you receive a price via a virtual visit or an in-home walkthrough where a moving business representative inventories what will be moved. A mover agent will conduct the same inventory during these virtual quotes via video chat.


The best long-distance moving business didn’t become that way overnight; they spent years perfecting their procedure, hiring and training staff members, and clearing up those early “learning mistakes.” A company must consider many more factors that aren’t present in local moves regarding interstate moves. For instance, crossing state boundaries necessitates additional permits and documentation.

The business must ensure that everything is securely fastened and stable for the haul since your goods have a long distance to travel. Refrain from trusting beginners with your move.

Check Movers Reliability

Before you employ long-distance movers, it’s crucial to confirm the company’s license information and professionalism reliability. The U.S. Department of Transportation must properly license any long-distance moving company.

A cross-country mover receives a USDOT number as confirmation that the business is reputable and safe to utilize once it satisfies the stringent government regulations. To determine whether your movers have active USDOT numbers, check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Pro Mover is a program the American Trucking Association (ATA) offers to certify movers. To find out if the movers you are looking at are ProMovers, visit the ATA website. If they are, it means they have successfully passed a thorough background check and vowed to uphold the association’s Code of Ethics. Thus, you should feel comfortable leaving your valuables in ProMovers’ care.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) awards accreditation to the top movers in the nation as proof that customers can entrust these movers with their possessions. Moving firms must abide by the BBB’s Standards for Trust to be accredited by the Bureau. Verify the BBB accreditation of the movers you intend to hire.

Verify Licenses

Intrastate moves follow a very different procedure than interstate moves. To determine if a moving company can transport you over state boundaries, you should look at their licensing and insurance. Some could transport your belongings over state lines entirely. In contrast, others can only transport a portion of the distance and leave the remainder to another moving company. It’s critical to comprehend the specifics of how a moving company will handle your long-distance transfer.

The top national moving firms should readily and promptly present their authorization and insurance documentation. When you request your quote, the business should ideally have its FMCSA license number prominently displayed and thoroughly explain its insurance and your options for supplementary insurance.


Selecting the best long-distance moving service providers guarantees that your belongings are moved as quickly and safely as possible. Clients can match their requirements with a reputable long-distance moving company who have operated for a while and is familiar with the nuances of moving over state boundaries by evaluating the top-rated moving services.

At Elite Movers & Packing Services LLC, we handle all your packing and moving needs with respect and care. When you make a reservation with us, you are assured of reasonable costs, high quality, and exceptional customer service. Contact us today, and we’ll be glad to move you to your new home.


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